Sunday, May 4, 2008


We had another wonderful weekend. Friday night Drew and Kade were invited to Haydn's 4th birthday party at Jumpin' Jungle. The boys loved it; I kinda liked it myself. Drew ran from one inflatable slide to the other. Kade stayed with me and we went down the big slide several times. What a work out! I would jump with Kade and then just whiz down the slide...he giggled and wanted more "maa"!!! After we came home Friday night, Lala and Sich (Ronnie's brother and SIL) came over to spend the night, so they could go to the fertility doctor in the morning. We all stayed up and visited till mid-night. They left early Saturday morning, so the boys and I laid down for a mid-morning nap. Brady's First birthday party started at 2. The sports theme was a big hit with my boys. Balls...balls... and more balls!!! Later that night we all went to Lubbock (without kiddos) to Brady's daddy's surprise birthday party. We ate at Cattle Barron and enjoyed a dinner with no puffs, sippy cups, or bibs!!! Brandi's mom and two of my older G.A. girls kept the boys. THANKS GUYS!!! But when I finally picked up the boys Saturday night, Drew got in the car and said, "Mama, no more party...I go home!"
Again my pics are out of order

Ronnie watching the boys for me Saturday morning!!! Can he really handle them all by himself when I go with my friends on our shopping weekend? I will let you decide!

Drew told Kade not to go in the street. Kade's feelings were hurt!!!
Drew helped Ronnie clean-up and shape the bushes in the front yard!!!
Drew said, "Mama, I real tall!!!"
Drew was looking for snakes (a.k.a. electrical cord in the dirt that powers our lights)
Ronnie's brother and Kaders Friday night! Rich and Kade have the same eyes. You should see Rich's baby pictures! No, Rich and Ronnie look nothing alike. Rich is dark headed and really tall (kinda like Drew) and Kade is fairer complected and has blondish hair like Ronnie.

Kade at Brady's 1st Birthday party!
The boys at Brady's Party...they wore their Aggie jersey's b/c like Ronnie's friend's (Dustin and Jim) say, "That is just how we roll." =) Drew playing with his new ball Brady gave him. He came home and tried to shoot it in his basketball goal, but he said, "It's to no fit, Mama."
Kade helped with the yard work too. He was pulling the t-ball thing around the yard with his baby puppy.

Please be in prayer for my grandmother, Nana Jo, this Tuesday. She will be undergoing eye surgery and has been suffering with several illnesses for the last 5 months.
Also, my friend, Niki Stobb's step-dad, Don Backen, will be having triple bypass surgery Tuesday morning!

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Stephanie said...

Loved the pictures...glad that y'all had a great time. I hope that you get some rest, sounds like you deserve it...steph


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