Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Ya-Ya Hat

I asked my dad to send me some pics of my ya-ya hat since they only described it to me on the phone. Isn't it beautiful? I love pink!!! Thanks for playing Dad!!!
Don't you love the cross on the back...if you look really close you can see the chicken bone hanging in front of the pink feather!!! Yea, I know...we need to get out more!!! =)


a cowgirl at heart said...

Okay, that is HILARIOUS!! The best part...the look on your dad's face in that top picture. It's like he's being forced to play dress up by his older sisters!!! Oh my gals will have a blast with those things this summer! I forgot about your glad you guys are doing that every year! Love ya!

holly said...

That is too funny! Do you think your dad will someday regret letting them take a picture (that will FOREVER be) of him like that!

Carly said...

Now that's definitely only a love a father has. Love the hats!


Wow, that is one goodlooking man and a very loving father.



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