Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy Week

We had a busy, but extremely blessed week:
1. I gave a talk about my walk, or 4th days, Tuesday in O'Donnell. Everyone asks me if I think I did well, but I can't really remember a whole lot about what I said, just the feeling of peace and confidence in who I was speaking about. I could feel God speaking through me, and I am so thankful that God has given me the gift and opportunity to share what He has done in my life. I have to thank my Sunday School class for lifting me up in prayer and I want to send a SPECIAL thanks to Casey Potter, Tanner Grey, Ryan Crutcher, Jim and Amanda Dukatnik, Ronnie Jenkins, and Stephanie Hodge for driving 75 miles to support me.
2. The GA's at FBC raised enough money (almost $2000) to put together 120 bags/boxes for soldiers overseas fighting. I am so proud of them I could burst. Each bag contains 2 magazines, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, candy, letters, pictures, agape (I will post more on this later), and a DVD the girls put together for them. The girls will be praying over the boxes this Sunday...God is good, all the time!!!
3. We took Drew to the doctor today and we are going to follow up with an eye specialist the 28th...his left eye is pulling in (otherwise known as being cross-eyed). It is in the early stages, but Dr.G wanted to get it checked out further. I am not really worried about it...I just know without a doubt, my God is bigger than this problem.
4. I got a new Bible today...woohoo!!! I have been using Ronnie's NLT Study Bible non-stop. I don't' think he minded except I had it when he wanted to read it and I was writing in it. It has taken me six years to find the Bible I know I'll have "for life" and the icing on the cake is it is really pretty - it is blue and brown w/ silver pages. I can't wait to start highlighting my favorite Scriptures and writing revelations in it.



Is your Bible a NLT too or something else? I like that translation too!

Have a blessed weekened!

Stephanie said...

I am so excited for you... I was thinking about you and your speech this week...I know that you did great.. I have been wanting to do "the walk" for a long while. I hoping that I will get to do it in the next year after the baby is settled... I did alot of retreats while in college and I miss it.. I need some motivation to get me started...I wish I could get a group here in Childress to do it together...but I don't know really where to start....about the bags....aren't you good. that I probably the best news I have heard today.. Bless their hearts...I know they will appreciate it.. About the little ones eyes...everything will work out, but atleast you are watching and taking care of it now...but it is just natural to want your kids to be healthy and stay that way...take care of yourself and have a great weekend...steph


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