Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Few Things

1. I have had three great friends start blogs in the last two weeks. Look under "Blogs I Like" at the right of the screen and check out The Friedel Family, The Crutcher Family, and The Rodriguez Family!!!

2. We've spent the last week sick. I don't know how we managed it, but Ronnie, the boys and I pulled off one more virus before the sick season ended.

3. Please pray for me as I get ready to give a talk at the Emmaus Community meeting next week. I am very anxious.

4. Praise report - My father-in-law is retiring from his job at Childress ISD. God is opening new doors for him and hopefully this change will improve his health!!!

5. Praise report #2- The GA's at our church have raised over $1200 for their "GA's Love the Troops" project. Glory to God!!!


Stephanie said...

I love your post....take care of yourself and hopefully y'all will get to come down soon...steph

cdj said...

I'm so proud of your GA girls! What a great life lesson they are getting from this project you have them involved with. Great job!


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