Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Few More Things

Okay...As I was cooking Body for Life stir-fry and folding the third load of laundry today, I had a few more thoughts to add...

1. I think Oprah is a wonderful person, but I can not support her television show anymore. I watched a link Holly had posted on her blog after I read an entry on Charla's blog and it reaffirmed the nudge I had been feeling from the Holy Spirit this entire last year. I am praying for all those poor people she is leading astray with this "New Life" ministry. That is why, as Christians, it is so important for us not only to know about our God, but to know our God personally through His Word. Hosea 4:6 talks about God's people being destroyed because they lacked knowledge.

2. I read Trey's Blog again today...yes, I am officially a Trey Morgan groupie. I have been meditating on it all day. He talked about giving 5 compliments to every 1 criticism in your marriage. I remembered hearing Jimmy Evan's say the same thing in his conference "Marriage on the Rock". He commented, and I am paraphrasing, "Who has ever been inspired to do more by constant criticism? If the only thing your husband does right in your eyes is button his PJ's, then tell him ten nights in a row how awesome he is at it..." I am committing to be a 5 to 1 wife this week!

3. I laid down last night and was so overcome by God's grace I started to cry. I thanked God that I have two healthy boys, and when I lay them down at night I don't have to worry about a bomb striking our house or the government coming in one day down the road and taking our 10 year old boys away to go fight in a war. I am so thankful I live in America.

4. I love my husband...Ronnie and I have been sick the entire last week. He has managed to go to work, help me with the boys, and help me around the house. He has been so kind and appreciative of me...I know he won't read this, but just in case he does, "Thanks, and I love ya!!!"

5. My friend, Aimee, is hosting an exchange student in her home next year. Vicki is a sixteen year-old girl from China which just happens to be where their adopted daughter, Audrey, was born. Aimee really inspired me when she said, "My spiritual gift is hospitality, and God is giving me a chance to use it..." Vicki and her family have no religion. How cool is it that Aimee and Freeman are going to have the chance minister to this sweet young girl for 10 months!!!


cdj said...

I LOVE the idea of being a 5 to 1 wife. I have discovered that husbands are much like students (not children, that's not what I mean). Praise gets you SO much further than criticism, even silent criticism. I've found that if I tell Richard something I appreciate about him, but inside am still teeming because he didn't do something the way I wanted him to, that I STILL come across negatively even when I'm trying to say something nice. Great point and thanks for sharing. Miss you.

Nicole Friedel said...

Dawn, I love catching up with you and your family on your blog. It was great talking to you yesterday; I sure do wish we lived closer so that our kiddos could grow up playing together. and we could keep in better touch too; we'd all have lots of fun! I look forward to seeing more! Love, Nicole


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