Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Now You Know guys have always wondered what happened to me? Well the picture above is my mom, my nana, and my aunt "T" - there need be no more explanation. They made themselves (and me) hats for our family reunion in June. This reunion has only be going for three years at Lake Whitney. We gather with my nana and her three brother's families for three days at the lake. Oh...back to the crazy ladies with the hats. They made "Ya-Ya Sisterhood" hats for the occasion. Each one is personally designed with a very unique chicken bone hanging off the end. Yea...we have class!!! They decorated mine for me since I live 8 hours away. They personalized it with tulle, rhinestones, ribbon, and bling-bling (all my favorites)!!! I love my family!

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sdrodriguez said...

How Funny! You'll look HOT!


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