Monday, April 28, 2008

Eye Appointment

Well I don't even no where to begin. The appointment did not go well. The findings were inconclusive because the doctor and Drew did not get on very well. I am too tired to go into details...let's just say the appointment consisted of Drew crying, Kade crying, me swatting Drew in the bathroom stall, and all of us crying on the way home!!! We are going to wait 6 more months and try another eye doctor who is better with kiddos. Thanks for your prayers and calls today!!!


sdrodriguez said...

I'm sorry...I know how hard it is. Next time let me watch Kaders for you! He and Logan will have fun together.

Brandi said...

Hey Honey...Sorry it didn't go well. I know how stressful it can be with little ones and doctors. But our God is amazing--Yesterday morning before Brady woke up, I was praying for you guys that the appointment would go well, etc. I went on to work and was having all in all a pretty good day. A little before lunch Drew's face popped into my mind and I just began praying for peace. I wasn't sure why, but I did it. It is amazing how awesome our God is!!

dmjenkins said...

Thank you for your is going great!!! Amanda gave me another name of a doctor in Plainview who specializes with little kids...supposedly her neice had a run in with this same doctor and it did not go well at all!!!


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