Saturday, April 26, 2008

Luvin' Me Some Kairos!!!

This morning the boys and I went to Brownfield to attend the Kairos meeting for the Rudd Unit in Brownfield. The men go in and minister to the inmates for four days; the women cook three meals a day for the inmates and workers and pray over each inmate and speaker. It was so refreshing to be there among all denominations, all ages, all races...we were just worshiping our God. One man said, "It isn't about religion, regulations, or is just about loving Jesus!" Amen!!! I have to admit, I was kinda "numb" to the prisoners, but after listening to a few of the testimonies of the men who have been released I realized...they are God's children too!!! They were babies once, pure and innocent. They just didn't have anyone that loved them enough to teach them right and wrong. They talked about being in isolation and coming to know Jesus on their knees and praying to Jesus from under an overpass. The Spirit of the Lord was so thick in that gymnasium today. The music was phenomenal...Drew and Kade were singing with their hands help up in the air...they had the "joy, joy, joy, joy, down in the their heart!"
Ronnie is going to work it as well...he was unable to attend the meeting and I'll blog about that later. I think I am excited about cooking with the women. I just pray God won't ask me to wash dishes...I clean toilets, sweep, etc...but I HATE washing dishes. Most of the women, also called Angels, are a little older than I am, but when I see them I don't see a single wrinkle, but I see beauty, love, and godly wisdom. I am praying that I talk little and listen a lot that weekend because there is so much I can learn from them.
One thing an ex-inmate, Brother Buck, said today that really touched my heart was that when he first heard about Kairos on the inside he thought it was just a bunch of rich white folk showing pity on the poor inmates. After he met workers like Jim Gregory, Rodger Bennett, etc. he realized these guys are "real". He said they've been the same from the time he met them in prison till today. That just struck me, "Am I real all the time? Am I the same person on Tuesday as I am on Sunday?" I pray my friends and family would say yes...but most of all I pray when I meet my Maker that He will say, "Dawn, you were real!"
Another thing Brother Buck said was that Our God is an Awesome God!!! Well, we all know that, right? But he took it even further and said our God has too be awesome, "I am sitting in this gym worshipping Him with you guys...ya'll use to be my victims." I was just rolling.
Okay...I am going to tell one more detail from the meeting. I was blown away by a young man named Mark Gregory. He is a 19 year old man going to LCU...I was astounded that a young college student can be selfless enough to be at a Karios meeting on a Saturday at 8:00. But there was more to Mark...I don't know if it was seeing how much he loved his family (who were all working the Kairos together- all four of them), or how well he sang, or that when he got up to introduce himself, I could see the love of the Lord gushing out of Him. I thought to myself, "This is what I pray for my be godly men, selfless, with a love so strong for the Lord that when they walk into a room they light it up with the love they have for Jesus!"
Do you want to help...well, you can first pray for the inmates and workers. The Kairos is July 10th. You can also donate to the building fund. They are trying to build a bigger facility for the Kairos. You can leave me a comment on this blog, and I'll get you all the information.

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Stephanie said...

What a great ministry....! I wished I was closer to help..but I will pray for you and your group from now on...take care of yourself...keep up the good work..steph


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