Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Outside Fun

My pictures are out of order...these should be at the end!!! Drew and Kade after they played outside with Daddy!!! They love their night routine. 7:30 is a bath, then warm milk with honey, a movie and 8:30...lights out!!!
Drew's new bath hair-do...
Drew playing outside with his ball. He loves to throw it up on the roof and wait for it to come down. Now, I wonder who taught him that?
Drew riding his tricycle!
Drew's face after he threw the ball on the roof!
Kader's blowing a kiss to Daddy in the hot tub. The boys were glad to see Ronnie when he came back from the trip he took with men from our Sunday School class. The men went to Lake Brownwood and had a blast!!! Drew had a hard time when Ronnie left. He slept with a picture of his daddy. He put it on the pillow next to him and would say, "Daddy, please come home!"

Drew in the hot tub...he was talking about the "big bubbles"
Kade tearing up an ice cream cone!!! Kade loves to eat. He will eat thing at any time!!!
Drew eating a cone! Yes I have noticed, my kids never have any clothes on in any pictures. What can I say? Ronnie and I were the same way growing up. Ronnie and I also sucked our thumbs and so do the boys...genetics are pretty amazing?!!?
My sweet Kaders. He was dancing to the song the John Deere gator push toy was playing.
More dancing...the boys love to dance. Their favorite singers are Taylor Swift and Veggie Tales! The other day we were listening to Taylor Swift's song, "Picture to Burn", and of course the boys were in their undies. Kade starts turning in circles and laughing his head off. We all grabbed imaginary microphones and were singing. Yea...we need to get out more!!! =)


sdrodriguez said...

Is Drew naked on the tricycle? I bet that could be a little uncomfortable!?

dmjenkins said...

Yea...they were both naked outside. Don't ask me- I guess he was okay???

Nicole Friedel said...

Dawn, I loved all the pictures!!! The boys are too cute! and I was just thinking that the boys were naked a lot. :) precious!!

I will be praying for y'all to find the right eye doctor, and that God will heal those eyes, one way or another.

XOXO, Nicole


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