Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Well I have to say...I had the best weekend!!! Ronnie took the boys to Childress to see his parents Friday and I was all alone...oh yes, the sweet silence!!! Friday my friends Holly, Stephanie, and Amanda helped me put together the troop bags and tote them down to the sanctuary...then I came home, put on Fox News and scrapbooked until my back started hurting from leaning over! Saturday morning I woke up at 9:30 (I haven't slept that late in my own bed in over 2 years)!!! I took my time waking up, read my new Bible (I am studying Ephesians - the class I talked about this past January), ate breakfast, and then just listened to the birds chirping in the front yard. Vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning the bathrooms only took me an hour b/c when I finished no one was undoing my work. Then I blogged, checked emails, and got dressed for Emma's 3rd Birthday Party. I partied until 5, shopped at Bealls until 7, and ate Subway. I continued to scrapbook while watching the Wedding Date and then met our Sunday School class at Amanda's house to watch the UFC fight. It was my first experience watching the fights, but I have to say it was enjoyable. Between the fish tank overflowing, Ryan getting a new motorcycle, yelling "hit him" at the television, seeing George St. Pierre, and talking about God I would say we are a pretty "cultured group". Amanda pulled out her 9 mm gun while we were watching the of the guys said we are perfect examples for Barak's bittergate comment (clinging to our guns and faith.) He He!!! I think I enjoyed the company the most!!! It was so nice to visit with adults and not have any kiddos around. I felt young again!!! I got home around 1:30 because five of us stayed up talking about our testimonies. We are so blessed with genuine, unpretentious, loving, and, most importantly, godly friends. Friends that lift us up and hold us accountable...
Sunday morning it got even better...we had a GREAT Sunday school class with a new visitor from Brownfield. The GA girls presented a slide show at the beginning of church. Then the sixth grade girls explained the agape and prayed over the boxes. A friend of ours, Casey Potter, gave his testimony. He was saved in 2006 after he was hurt in an accident. When he finished talking about God sending him an angel and answering his prayers in the burn unit, the entire congregation stood clapping...not just for his salvation, not just for his courage to get up and share his testimony, but because we serve an amazing God!!!
This evening the boys got home around 3 safely, Praise God!!! We hugged, we kissed, we got right back in the car and went to Lubbock to our Sunday School teacher, Kevin's, 40th birthday. So here I sit after a long weekend, tired but my mind is rejuvenated. I think I will be a better mom this week because I had time to just take a deep breath. Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God." "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the silence this weekend. Thank you for filling my cup back up after this long week. You alone are worthy of all my praise. Amen!"

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Carly said...

Oh, I miss the time we all spent together! I miss all of you guys so very much!


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