Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend in Childress

Ronnie and Nanny. Ronnie and I went home to Childress to spend time with Nanny because last Thursday was the first anniversary of his grandfather's death. I love the way Ronnie loves on her. He really enjoyed staying up with her and talking and laughing Friday night.
Kade has an obsession with shoes. He use to just carry them around in his hands, but now he wants to wear them. He usually scoots around in my flip-flops. Sunday he was wearing Nanny's shoes and trying to dance and jump at the same time. He wants to jump like Drew but it all he does is bounce on one leg at a time.
Nonni (Ronnie's mom) giving Kade a hair cut. Charla is feeding him Skittles to keep him still!
I had Ronnie take a picture of me, so that when the boys look back on their pictures one of these days I have proof I was there.

This is the best picture Drew has taken in a year. It is so hard to get him to look at the camera, be still, and smile at the same time. Charla and I told him not to smile at the camera and...viola!!! You have to love reverse psychology!

We stood on the bridge while the wind was blowing the water underneath us. Drew said we were on a boat.

My sweet Kader Tater!!!

I had the best Mother's Day. Ronnie cleaned the house for me Friday while Holly, Amanda and I mailed off 117 boxes to the troops. I am a clean in the middle kinda girl, but Ronnie cleans the walls, corners, and under all the furniture. It was a great surprise, so Sunday I wasn't expecting anything. When I got back from Church, he had a card waiting for me by the mirror. It was one of the singing cards that played, "Sugar Pie Honey know that I love you" and he gave me some money for my shopping trip at the end of the month. He really out did himself! I keep opening up the card and listening to the song...I can't wipe the smile off my face!

Drew fed the ducks at the park. He chased them when we first got there...hence, all the duck are in the water. He was saying, "Come here ducks...don't be scared!"
Charla took some great pictures at the park in Childress. Two years ago a tornado went through there, but the community has done a wonderful job rebuilding!
Drew was walking on this concrete step above the water and we saw six or seven catfish underneath the water. Those fish had to be at least 2 foot long. Ronnie brought his dad's boat home from Childress. It is an '87 model and in awful shape. He is going to remodel it and hopefully have it ready for the reunion in June. Drew is so excited about "catching a big fish...we gonna put the boat on the big water."

Kade's new tenny runners. We had to go buy him another pair Friday. When he put them on JC Penny's he bounced all around the store. He would look at us, smile, and say, "Hee..Hee!" He was almost walking like a Summo wrestler...picking up one foot and slamming it down. So cute! The boys love going to the mall and seeing the "big water" (a.k.a. fountain)....I know we need to get out more!

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