Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bowling Buddies

(Ronnie and Drew playing a NASCAR arcade game)
We took Ronnie to Main Event in Lubbock to bowl for his birthday.

Our first stop in Lubbock was Casa Ole. I know, I know not exactly a five-star restaurant, but it is Drew's favorite. He LOVES their green sauce and chicken wheels. While we were eating he said, "Mama, this is Bobcat chicken. It is making my "mooscles" grow (a.k.a. muscles). I am gonna eat all my bite-bite so I can play Bobcat football like Daddy." Then when Ronnie finished his plate Drew said, "Daddy, I can see your "mooscles" growing too."
(all three boys playing NASCAR arcade game)

All the boys bowling together.

Drew was so excited because his ball was green...John Deere green.

(the next two pics are blurry...I am in need of a new camera. I am saving as we speak!)
When Drew first bowled, he would just put the ball on the floor and push it. Then he got creative and kicked it.
The next thing was a full-fledged granny roll.
His final method included running with the ball and throwing was hilarious. Kade enjoyed watching. He was a little concerned that everyone had on bowling shoes, so he kept trying to bring our shoes too us. After we bowled we went to play at the arcade...I think the boys enjoyed the air hockey the most. Kade was on my team and made a great goalie when I sat him on the table. After the arcade we went to eat Marble Slab Ice Cream. All in all, I think Ronnie had a great birthday.
Drew's new sayings - "That sure is a lot of water (or whatever else he sees)"
Kade's new words - "bye-bye Daddy", "uh-oh", "Bubba, where are you?", "Yes" "No, No", "Hi!"

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Carly said...

I can't believe how big the boys are getting (Drew and Kade, not Ronnie)! I miss you guys!


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