Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Ronnie

Ronnie and Drew - October 19, 2004
Ronnie remodeling the boat this summer!

Ronnie singing to Drew

Thursday, September 25th, my sweet hubbie is turning 33. In order to celebrate him today I thought I would tell you 33 things about Ronald Devoy you might not know:
1. Ronnie was born in Memphis, Texas, to Roland Zeldon and Reta Ann Jenkins.
2. His family lines go back to the Goodnights of the Goodnight-Loving Trail.
3. Ronnie showed hogs and steers while he was in high school…in fact, he built his own stock trailor (which leads me to my next point)
4. Ronnie can build/fix ANYTHING. It is actually mind-boggling sometimes. When he was 13 he took his Nanny’s lawn mower apart and fixed it without any help/instructions. He has remodeled two or our homes, built a cedar chest, bookcase, desk, & entertainment center. He has remodeled a boat, plumbed houses, dry walled, laid tile, etc. etc. etc!!!
5. Ronnie looks really, really, really cute in a cowboy hat and wranglers (he still gives me butterflies!)
6. Ronnie and his brother, Richard, are best friends. They look nothing alike and have many different interests, but when they get together they smile the entire time. Charla and I are always laughing at them because they start cracking jokes like little boys about things only they think is funny. When they were kids they dug up a water line, set their grandparents carpet on fire, & still to this day will play with their old toys their mom saved.
7. Ronnie hates things that are sticky. He will not touch the boys when they’ve eaten pancakes, suckers, etc. until they’ve had a bath.
8. Ronnie gave me the nickname “Sunshine” when we first met, and he still calls me that when he really wants to earn some brownie points.
9. My hubby can really scoot-a-boot. When we first met we went dancing all the time. We do the “old-school” two-step, and when we dance Ronnie always sings in my ear (which leads to my 10th point)
10. Ronnie is a great singer and can also play a little guitar. He sings “Silver Wings”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “How Great Thou Art”, and “In My Wildest Dreams” (our song) by Marty Brown.
11. I am very much a planner (o.k. I am not kidding anyone – I am a compulsive planner), but my hubby enjoys being very spontaneous and dislikes making plans.
12. Ronnie lived in Wellington, Groom, and Childress before he went to school at Texas A&M where he received his Bachelors in Ag Science. He went to teach high school science for a 1 ½ before returning to get his Masters Degree in Ag Economics.
13. Ronnie loves organization and cleanliness. He is constantly organizing my pantry and cleaning our vehicles (yes, it can get annoying sometimes, but I always enjoy it when it is clean =)
14. Ronnie loves the land that belongs to his family between Memphis and Wellington, Texas (approx. 2100 acres). Ronnie spent every summer working the farm land with Granddaddy from the time 13 until he graduated from A&M. When he gets homesick…he usually gets homesick for the land. There are so many happy memories and life lessons he learned out on the Old Savage Place, Old Home Place, Green Acres, and Old House. They grew cotton and raised Herefords. He can’t wait for us to buy some land and move into the country so he can teach our boys the values he learned from Nanny and Granddaddy.
15. Ronnie loves, loves, LOVES, steak. I have never seen him leave even a bite on his plate. He also loves cornbread, fountain drinks from Allsups, Wings’ n More hot wings, peanut patties, and my mom’s potato salad. 16.Andy Griffith and Seinfeld are probably Ronnie’s favorite TV shows. In fact, he missed many classes in undergrad thanks to Andy.
17. Ronnie is the kind of man who can say, “I am sorry.” We had to really work at the first five years of our marriage (the sixth year has been much, much easier) and we both had to get really good at saying those three words. I am thankful that Ronnie is that kind of man.
18. Ronnie comes home almost everyday at lunch to eat with the boys and me. The boys are looking for him by 11:30 and stick to his legs until he walks out the door. Most men want to go eat lunch in town with their buddies, but Ronnie loves to be home with us. He is truly a wonderful father!
19. Ronnie loves cartoons (old cartoons)…sometimes I catch him watching cartoons, especially Tom & Jerry, when the boys aren’t even around.
20. If I talk about cartoons I have to mention cereal…his favorite cereal is Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.
21. Ronnie is a BIG, BIG help with the boys. I think I forget how much he helps me, but I was quickly reminded when he left for an Emmaus walk in the middle of September. He baths the boys every night, plays outside with them, reads Drew a bed-time story every night, picks up toys, and occasionally helps me clean the house.
22. This might be too much information, BUT Ronnie is the best kisser ever!!! He He!
23. Ronnie loves pawn shops…(which leads into my next point)
24. Ronnie likes to pinch pennies on the little things so he can buy the really big things. He is quite the money-manager…(yes, we have spread sheets, pie graphs, budgets, you name it) I have to say, honestly, Ronnie has never made a bad financial decision for us in the 7 years he has been managing our money. I am so thankful that he takes care of our retirement, investments, etc. so that I can use that part of my brain to just focus on the kids. Ronnie still changes our oil to save money, but will leave a waitress a huge tip if he sees her working hard.
25. Ronnie loves to listen to Rush Limbaugh.
26. Ronnie loves football; he never misses an Aggie or Dallas Cowboy game.
27. Ronnie has never owned a new vehicle - he hates to go into debt for a vehicle which goes back to point 24.
28. Ronnie loves older people. He will just sit and listen to them talk for hours. Since we met he is never too busy to stop and help someone in need on the side of the road, in Wal-Mart, etc.
29. Ronnie is a “simmer”er…he never jumps in with both feet. He thinks about things and analyzes every angle before he decides yes/no. I am so thankful for this because I jump in before people ask, and he balances me out.
30. Ronnie is a great cook – he doesn’t cook often, but when he does, he always puts me to shame. His chili and gravy are probably my favorites.
31.Ronnie has a way of cleaning up other people’s trash and making them worth something. One day he came home with a bike from the dump, fixed the tire, and now we have a $200 bike in our shed.
32. Ronnie has integrity. He takes his job as Farm Loan Manager at FSA very seriously…he truly strives to help young farmers make good financial decisions when they farm.
33. Ronnie is a great husband – He totally supports me staying fact, I don't think he'd have it any other way. When I am down on my post-baby body, he reminds me about how much he loves my C-section scars and stretch marks. He is a wonderful care-taker. When I was in college and had kidney stones, he drove four hours in the rain to take care of me. He is a gentlemen, opening doors for me ‘till this day. Most importantly, he is the one who got me started on my journey to meet Christ – the greatest gift anyone could ever give.

I love you Ronnie! There is NO ONE I would rather spend the next 33 years with! Can’t wait to take the boys bowling tonight for your Birthday!!!


Carly said...

I am so glad you have someone as special as Ronnie. Isn't the best part when you have that "ahhh" moment, when you realize how special that person is?
Sure do miss you guys

Holly said...

That was the sweetest thing ever Dawn! Almost made me cry! I got all misty eyed! :]

Gina Stanley said...

I did cry! Misty eyed...then tears at the end! You are so happy and in love! Thanks for the sweetness...and Happy birthday Ronnie!


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