Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Have To Catch-Up - Part Two

I have been so busy since school (though the boys and I don't even go) - how does that work? I wanted to talk about some many things I just decided since it is all so random I'd make a list...
1. I got my hair cut again last week. I told Kristi to angle it more, go shorter, and more blonde and I love it, LOVE it!
2. Our Bible Study group that meets on Wednesday nights at 9:15 started back up two weeks ago. We had 11 girls but I think we might have 13 on the roster. We are doing the Believing God series by Beth Moore and I think this could be my favorite of all time!
3. I had a great day Friday...after I dropped the boys off I decided to do a little shopping. I was looking for Ronnie a shirt for his 33rd birthday (Sept. 25th) but couldn't find anything; however, I did find a few "tiny" things for myself. Lubbock Mall just put in a Forever 21. Most of the clothes are made to fit girls who weigh less than 100 pounds, but I did find a cute, cute purple jacket. It has cap sleeves, a really high collar, and has two buttons at the top. I tried it on under an olive tank top (that I also bought) and asked the little girl working there if I was wearing it right b/c I am kinda rusty on new fashions. I also bought red Mary-Jane flats at Pay Less to go with my purple jacket and olive green shirt and I have to say it looked pretty cute.
4. My best friend, Sunny, from Seminole just bought the house Ronnie and I lived in when we were there. We remodeled it and the owners after us did more work to it (i.e. a shop, basement, media room, etc) so I can't wait to see it Saturday when I go to my Emmaus meeting in Seminole.
5. I cleaned out 3 closets (mine and both boys- I told Ronnie I'd get to his, but haven't had the "energy" yet, poor guy) this month which is something worth sharing because I really dislike doing that, but once I did it I felt so good. The other night I was standing in my closet and just smiling- I know, I know- I need to get out more.
6. Biggest Loser comes on tonight - YEA!!! I can't wait!
7. Drew and I started our version of Pre-School two weeks ago. He has mastered all his numbers, shapes, colors, and most of his letters. We have worked on writing the letters /D/ and /r/ and are starting on /e/. He really loves "school time" but Kade is not liking the one-on-one attention Drew is getting. Do you ever wish there were two of you?
8. This year I am also doing G.A.s (Girls in Action) for 3-6th grades (a total of about 25 girls). We don't do traditional G.A.'s; we are working off a curriculum a friend and I wrote this summer. One of the big events this year is delivering cookies to two-hundred homes in Levelland during Christmas to tell them what Christmas is all about. I want the girls to get hands on experience sharing the gospel and can think of no better way than for them to look at our community members in the eyes and tell them, "Jesus loves you. He would have died even if you are the only one. First Baptist Church loves you and you are welcome anytime." We are also having a community-wide lock-in with girls 1st-12th grades...I have to say I am PUMPED about this. It will be January 30th and I am hoping we get close to 100 girls. We will also do our "GA's Love The Troops" project again. Over 117 soldiers received sunflower seeds, magazines, candy, beef jerky, letters and pictures from the girls in a care package. The girls received several letters this summer from troops posted in Iraq talking about what it meant to get a care package from young girls. One man said, "It reminded me what I am fighting for." Today I got a call from our church secretary that said she got a huge yellow envelope with several letters for the girls. I love it! You can read more about the troop project Here.

I have to stop here - I will tell more about the song I heard this weekend, the little church in Lamesa I fell in love with, and our trip to the first Aggie football game later this week.

**I also have a new bloggin' buddy - Haylee.

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