Monday, September 15, 2008

We Have to Catch-Up

I took Kade for his 18 month pictures (2 months late) at Family Photo.
This is the way Kade usually looks. He wears that helmet 24/7 and always has that baby puppy in tow. The only thing missing is Drew's Lightin' McQueen crocs, but I had to draw the line somewhere :)
Kade did really well taking pictures. He was unsure at first, but he was hammin' it up by the end. I know my pictures aren't that great...I don't have a scanner and my camera was not cooperating!
I have been praying that God would give my boys a incredibly strong bond and love for each other because sometimes I feel like I am more of a referee than a mom. Can anyone relate? In this picture, Drew is holding Kade and singing, "Rocka and a rocka and a rocka Kaders by, a rocka baby Kader by," a song Ronnie's Nanny sang to Drew when he was little. God is good...all the time!!! Ronnie is such a great Daddy. He has two bulging discs, but that doesn't keep him from playin' with his boys.
This weekend Ronnie worked a Walk to Emmaus in Stanton. While he was gone the boys stayed with Nonni and Papa in Childress Friday night until Monday morning. Lala and Sich , Ronnie's brother and sister-in-law, took Drew to his first Bobcat football game. Ronnie played Bobcat football, so we hold the Bobcats near to our heart. Drew was excited all week...we even watched Ronnie's football video when he was a senior. Drew watched every play wearing Ronnie's old jersey and his Aggie football helmet and pads. When Ronnie would tackle or block some one Drew would run up to the TV and say, "Daddy, you okay? He's okay mom." The first thing Drew said at the game in the stands was, "Gig 'Em Aggies..." (I guess the brain washing is working already...He He) At the game, Drew got to catch a Bobcat football, go on the field after the game with Sich, and get a Bobcat Tatoo "Tat". He'll be talking about this for can go to Charla's blog to read more about it... Thank you Charla and Rich for taking my boys to the game. We love you guys!
I will post more tomorrow on how my weekend went and what I've been up to the past few weeks.

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