Thursday, September 18, 2008

Texas A&M Weekend

Ronnie and I made our 3rd annual trip to the first Texas A&M football game in College Station. My mom and dad kept the boys and Ronnie and I had Friday -Sunday to ourselves...oh yes, it was awesome.
We started off our weekend at Wings & More - one of the great restaurants in CS. We went to the Tent Sale to get the boys some A&M shirts and then took a three hour nap at the hotel (we know how to live it up, huh) The Cinema was our next stop, and the movie Traitor was great. Saturday morning Ronnie brought me breakfast in bed and then went to campus to remember the old days. When we go to Aggieland it is like going home - I lived there for 5 years; Ronnie lived there 7 years. I digress...I stayed in the hotel room all morning and enjoyed the quiet. We went to eat lunch with a friend of mine from my first year of teaching, Nicole. After we ate we thought about bowling, shopping, walking in the park, but decided to go back to the hotel. We cuddled while Ronnie watched a movie and I read. I wish I could tell you how I enjoyed that afternoon, but even the word paradise doesn't give the relaxing afternoon justice. We walked to the game, and well, let's just say it we lost. BUT, the band was great.

I wanted to fill you in on some of the reasons I love Texas A&M. I love the conservative campus, the patriotism, and the tradition (click here to read about Aggie Muster, Silver Taps, Aggie Rings, etc.) One of the traditions is that of the 12th Man. "The tradition of the Twelfth Man was born on the second of January 1922, when an underdog Aggie team was playing Centre College, the nation's top ranked team at the time. As the hard fought game wore on, the Aggies were forced to dig deep into their limited reserves because of injuries. Coach Dana X. Bible remembered that a former squad member, who was playing basketball at the time, was in the press box helping reporters identify players. His name was E. King Gill. Gill was called from the stands, suited up, and stood ready throughout the rest of the game… which A&M finally won 22-14. When the game ended, E. King Gill was the only man left standing on the sidelines for the Aggies. Gill later said, "I wish I could say that I went in and ran for the winning touchdown, but I did not. I simply stood by in case my team needed me."
This gesture was more than enough for the Aggie Team. Although Gill did not play in the game, he had accepted the call to help his team. He came to be known as the “Twelfth Man” because he stood ready for in case the eleven men on the gridiron needed him. That spirit of readiness for service, desire to support, and enthusiasm helped kindle a flame of devotion among the entire student body; a spirit that has grown vigorously throughout the years. The entire student body at A&M is the Twelfth Man, and they stand during the entire game to show their support. The 12th Man is always in the stands waiting to be called upon if needed. "
Kyle Field - I think Kyle filed holds 88,000 people! When you go to campus you are sure to hear, "Gig 'Em", "Howdy", and "Man, it's humid."
Before the game we sang the National Anthem and had two fighter jets do a fly by. It was AMAZING!
The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band!

The Aggie Band is a marching band formed by the Core of Cadets on campus.
They said it would take 33,000 dollar bills to cover the television at the end of the field.
A picture of campus. The roof top is that of the Memorial Student Center (MSC). If you go to campus don't forget to take your hat off as you enter the building and DON'T walk on the grass. The students carry out this tradition to honor all veterans.
Another tradition is Maroon Out - In 1998 this tradition started when the Ags played Nebraska. They sold over 31,000 maroon shirts the first year. It is just another way we show our support for the team and the power of unity.
I am so thankful that Ronnie and I share a love for Texas A&M and Aggie football! We yell the entire game. We are hoping one of these days the Aggie football team will reclaim their position as threats in the Big Twelve. One of my favorite traditions happens when the football team scores. It is said that when the team scores on the field the Aggies "score" (kiss) in the stands.


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