Monday, June 29, 2009

Biggest Loser Challenge - Week 7

Howdy from deep in the heart of Texas!

I am on vacation, but wanted to get this in this post!

Thought for the day from Joyce Meyer:

"You can catch a disease, but you can't catch health."

Your turn:
Weight gain/loss
Did you meet your goal last week?
Goal for this week.
Prayer request.
See you all back here next Monday!


Jennifer said...

I'm so excited about your vacation - I will actually be vacationing in Austin/SanAntonio and the area in mid-July!! Your vacation makes me anticipate my trip even more....

I was almost hoping you would skip this week's check in since you were out of town. I have gained again this week - I noted this on Wednesday and I did not meet my goal of drinking the water.

Actually, I am not feeling the greatest...I will certainly make that my prayer request this week. I have my next scan in July - rechecking my lymphoma every six months - and this seems to be a pattern...I still feeling "crummy" and I believe it is purely anxiety - and I hate that I allow this to happen to me. Really praying about this. And, of course, the anxiousness/worry/etc. causes me to eat poorly.

Well, enough of me....just checking in to let you know that I'm sticking with the challenge - just need better results!! Have a great vacation...can't wait to read about it!!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Jackie here and hanging in there, although I am the same as last week. I did meet my goal to excercise at least 4 days. This week I would like to exercise 4 day, cut out processed foods, and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
My prayer reqest is that when I have my first allergy shot on Wed that I do well. Also would like a good Dr visit tomorrow with my family physician. I am wanting a second opinion on all that has been given to me for all of the chronic sinus infections that I have had. He is out of town so it is harder for me to see him, and I just need to know that I am on the right track. I am a little concerned about taking too many medications. Have a great vacation! Jackie

Shannon Rodriguez said...

I did not meet my goal to run 4 days last week. I ran three days and would have ran last night for my fourth day, but I was helping sweet husband mix concrete for our new fence. That counts as some strength, right?
I lost 2 pounds and I forgot to post my total weight loss last week, which is 4 pounds total.
My goal for this week is to run 4 days and drink 8 glasses of water daily.
I talked to a girl today that said she could babysit next month all but one week. My prayer is that she is dependable, great with Logan, and that I do well in my class.
Hope you are having a blast!

holly crutcher said...

Umm,well.... I GAINED 3 LBS!!! So I am back to a 1 lb total fot the biggest loser weight loss. I went out of town for a wedding this past weekend and there was NO WAY of getting around not eating all the food. A few margaritas im sure didnt help either. hehe

Amy said...


Sorry, I was out of town last week...

No loss/no gain, but I have been up and down over the last two weeks. Trying to get on track with exercise has been hard with traveling, but I did do some walking/jogging (just trying to get consistent!).

I have been doing great with the water, and I can tell it's helping me with energy and cutting down on snacking - I'm trying to keep it up!

My prayer request is to be productive this summer and not waste time. A little relaxing will be nice, but I have a lot of things I'd like to get done and I want to use my time during the day so that I can enjoy the evenings with my husband. And a praise is that my husband and I will be spending a lot of time together this summer (he should be home and not traveling a lot) and we'll get to spend precious time with our far-away family! Yay!

Prayers for all.

Nicole Friedel said...

Just got back from CO vacation yesterday; we had a great time, but I didn't do a good job eating healthy.
gained 2 lbs
didn't meet goal, but KNOW I will do much better this week
God took care of us while gone, and I now pray that we will get back in routine. :)

Dawn, holler at us if you get a chance! We could meet you in Brenham, Giddings, or at your parents!

Jamie said...

I am back to where I started so I guess I lost a bit this week , certainly without trying.

It hard to focus on eating right when in holiday mode.

Again, I need to work on water & need to do a cleanse.

Haylee Potter said...

Okay, I am a few days late in posting, but I did weigh in on Monday.

I lost 2 more pounds (Yah!!!) for a total of 10 lbs for the biggest loser! (12 lbs counting the week before this was started when I started my weight loss mission)!!!

I haven't been working out like I should, but I we have been so busy doing work around the house, I figure that has to count for something (unloading truck loads of 21 pound cement stones has to count for something!!!)


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