Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quartz Mountains

We went back to the Quartz Mountains (north of Altus, Oklahoma) last Friday to camp for the weekend. I read the historical marker while Ronnie was loading the boat and found out the lake actually flooded a small town. The small town was devasted by a tornado in the early 1900's, but a few people remained there until 1942 when the dam was built that flooded the town. Drew and Kade called this "Jaquar Mountian". Ha!
My two handsome boys!!!
Drew and Ronnie wetting a hook Friday evening! Drew was so sad the fish were not biting.Saturday morning the boys played in the water while Ronnie and I soaked up the sun and talked (without interruptions). This was my favorite part of the whole weekend. It was fabulous!!! The water was really shallow and the boys spent HOURS jumping and splashing.
Kade was having trouble getting his pants back-up after going potty. I had to take a picture before I helped him with the problem. =)

Drew playing golf Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon Ronnie's brother and sister-in-law came out to ski and tube around the lake with us. Then Kade helped Ronnie cook some burgers.
Don't you love Ronnie's chair? Ha!

Getting ready to cook S'Mores.
Saturday night, right after the sun went down a storm started building. Ronnie called his Dad to check the weather and found out it was on the both sides of us, but it was moving north to south. We decided to ride out the storm, and the boys fell asleep to the sound of rain falling on the tent. Ronnie and I stayed up most of the night praying through the thunder and high winds and thanking God the boys were sleeping through the entire thing. I am so thankful I married a 'manly man'...he took care of every thing.
I realized this weekend how incredibly blessed I am to be able to go to sleep every night in a house and not worry about my children's safety. It's a blessing I take for granted too often.


Belinda said...

So much fun, I am so ready for vacation and we go camping.Love the pictures and I even saw some golfing in there. How funny. Miss U!!!!Got my girl trip ticket already in the mail so we can't back out now. Call me.

Shanda said...

Looks like a blast! We are going to be camping off and on throughout July. I love snuggling around the campfire as a family at the end of a full day of fun!

Jennifer said...

Certainly looks like summer fun!! And I must say you look too cute in that photo with your boys!!

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