Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Have you EVER...

Have you ever seen such sweetness?
Highly Favored.
Apple of God's eye.
My most important ministry.
On loan from God for a short time.
Yesterday my sweet friend, Judy Jones, asked me, "What will be the only man-made thing in heaven?"
"The scars on the hands of Jesus."


jerriann said...

These are THE cutest pictures I have ever seen! Seriously, I will pay you for a copies and frame them and put them on my wall! Seriously! :)

Jennifer said...

So funny....can you even imagine sleeping like that?? Hubbie and I are just getting to the phase where a king size bed sounds wonderful!! :)

Ok - so I have to check in again for this week (and it is killin' me) but I had a doctor's appointment today and I have GAINED three pounds!

I am distraught...after all the comments that I look like I'm losing weight - I had almost wanted to believe it! So discouraging....

Hopefully, I will have good news on Monday - ARGH!!!

Shanda said...

Just precious!!!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

They are precious. Not sure which study you are doing, but I have done some by Priscilla Shirer and they were great. Have a wonderful evening. Jackie

Haylee Potter said...

Those moments make up for ALL of the moments that they are bickering!!! Hope you are great. I've been missing you and hope to see you when things slow down a bit!

Farmgirl Paints said...

How cute is that!!


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